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cobra g i joe wikipedia - cobra sometimes referred to as cobra command is the nemesis of the g i joe team in the hasbro action figure toyline g i joe a real american hero and g i joe sigma 6 as well as in related media cobra was first introduced during the launch of the g i joe a real american hero toyline in mid 1982 the toyline was accompanied by a marvel comics series written by larry hama and an, g i joe a real american hero 1985 tv series wikipedia - g i joe a real american hero also known as action force in the uk is a half hour american animated television series created by ron friedman based on the toyline from hasbro and the comic book series from marvel comics the cartoon had its beginnings with two five part mini series in 1983 and 1984 then became a regular series that ran in syndication from 1985 to 1986, idw g i joe cobra the best written g i joe comic of the - g i joe cobra full series link issues 2 3 and 4 on sale for 99 cent each g i joe cobra full series downloads 99 per issue we are going to give everybody one week to read the first 4 issues of g i joe cobra before we start posting special spoilers and moving on to our next selection, classic g i joe vol 2 v 2 larry hama steven grant - this full color idw 240 page trade paperback reprints the second ten issues of the 1980s marvel comics g i joe a real american hero series with original cover dates of may 1983 to february 1984, classic g i joe vol 1 larry hama herb trimpe steven - classic g i joe vol 1 larry hama herb trimpe steven grant don perlin mike vosberg on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers reacquaint yourself with hawk scarlett stalker rock n roll and the other original joes including the popular but enigmatic snake eyes witness the first daring attempts of the villainous cobra commander and his minions to cause havoc around the world, megatron g1 transformers wiki tfwiki net - megatron was a gladiator from tarn who sought to turn cybertron into a cosmic dreadnaught to win his war for conquest megatron s decepticons developed the art of transformation reawakening on earth in 1984 megatron was ousted from command by shockwave and their power struggle continued for sometime until optimus prime killed himself in a video game duel, hound g1 transformers wiki tfwiki net - in the early years of the great war on cybertron hound was serving alongside tempest and pulsar under optimus prime shortly before he was made overall autobot leader by the high council and there shall come a leader hound was a part of the crew on board the ark when it crashed into earth four million years ago while clearing an asteroid field in the path of cybertron, glossary ssri j com - c2 command and control qq c2bmc command control 0 usa c3 command control and communications0 qq c4i command control communication and computers0 qq c4isr c4i intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance0 qq caaa china academy of aerospace aerodynamics0 n v caam